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bellavista offers adult and pediatric support with a powerful turbine, highly configurable user interface and lung protective features. This next generation ventilator combines cutting edge technology to deliver simplicity in clinical practice and support daily challenges across care settings. This new ventilator offers efficient ventilation and lung protection that’s focused on:

  • Minimizing respiratory distress through advanced synchronization
  • Reduced workload for clinicians through monitoring features like AnimatedLung and VentSummary
  • Versatility with modes of ventilation to support adult and pediatric patients greater than 6 kg
  • The bellavista 1000 offers a full spectrum of high performance features in a compact size including
    • Adaptive Ventilation Mode - A smart ventilation mode faster weaning and a reduction of manual settings
    • Synchrony tools - Improved patient synchrony with auto.sync, auto.rise and auto.leak
    • SettingAssist - Foresee all ventilation settings with a comfortable and easy to use display 
  • Optional features to enhance the performance of bellavista: 
    • High Flow Oxygen Therapy improves the oxygenation of patients while enhancing patient comfort
    • Lung Recruitment Tool provides an automated recruitment maneuver that is reliable and reproducible.
    • Esophageal Pressure Monitoring to refine your lung protection strategy 


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