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Physical specifications 
Screen: 5.4'' Display Screen
Suitable Adult & Child
Mode: pneumatically powered and electrically controlled system
Working Mode: Closed; Semi-Closed; Semi-Open
Circuit Breathing circuit integrated standards
Tube: 4Tubes Flowmeters:  O2:0.1~10L/Min,  N2O:0.1~10L/Min
Trolley: Fitted with 4 nos anti-static rubber castors; two of which are lockable for braking and easy maneuverability with foot operated brake provisions
Drawer unit Two drawer totally extractable

Gas requirement: Medical oxygen and nitrous oxide with a pressure ranging from O2: 0.32~0.6MPa ;   NO2: 0.32 MPa to 0.6 MPa.
safety valve <12.5 kPa
Respiratory Rate 1~99bpm
Flow meter O2:0.1~10L/Min,  N2O:0.1~10L/Min
oxygen concentration in the mixed gas N2O/O2 > 21%
Oxygen Flush: 25~75 L/min
modes of ventilation A/C, IPPV, SIPPV, IMV, SIMV, MANUAL
I/E Ratio: 4:1 ~ 1:10, Has the inverse ratio ventilation
Tidal Volume 0~1500ML

BR-AM06 Anesthesia Machine, 2 big vaporizers

  • Inspiratory trigger pressure -0.1kPa~1.0kPa
    Inspiratory Plateau: 0~1s
    O2 Concentration: 21%~100%
    Maximum safety pressure: ≤ 12.5 kPa
    Pressure limit range: 0 ~ 6.0  kPa
    Airway pressure alarm: Audible and visual and with yellow and red color indicating Lower: 0.2kPa~5.0kPa;   Upper: 0.3~6.0  kPa
    ±0.2 kPa
    Tidal volume alarm: Audible and visual and with yellow and red color indicating upper alarm: 50 to 2000ml, lower alarm: 0~1800ml
    Power Supply Alarm "Ac/dc power supply are after failing to send out alarm immediately
    Alarm Time: keep >120s"
    The airway pressure continues to be higher than 15 hPa?±1 hPa for 15s±1s, then the machine will raise an audible alarm, the pressure will be displayed in red and the continuous high pressure red alarm wording is displayed on the screen of the anesthetic respirator.

Lepu Medical Covid-19 AntiBody test Leaflet
Lepu Medical Covid-19 AntiBody test Instructions
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