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Five-function Electric Hospital Bed


Overall size:2200*940*520/740mm

High quality ABS engineering plastic head/foot boards and side rails.           

Control panels are equipped on the bed head /end and the side rails. 

The bed surface is shaped once for all by cold rolled steel plate.

Castors.150mm dia. central control castors.

Angle of back section: 0-75°±5°; 

Angle of leg section: 0-40°±5°; 

Adjustable height: 520mm-740mm, 



Linear motorLinear motor with UL,CE/EMC+LVDsafety certification.

RM08, 5-function ICU Electric Hospital Bed

  • 5-function: 
    1) Backrest max upward angle: 70°
    2) Footrest max upward angle: 30°
    3) Height adjustment: 450-700mm 
    4) Trendelenburg: 12°
    5)Anti-trendelenburg: 12°

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