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1. Size: 520mm(L)*510mm(W)*1000mm(H)

2. Equipment: a hand soap shelf, a storage holder,a plastic basket, two needle disposal holders, a trash can

3. Material: ABS table top with all-in-one M-type handrail, cold rolling steel with coated plastic frames, bumpers around and mute medical castors,

4. Drawer: one keyboard drawer & two drawer panel height: 80mm, inner size: 424*375*68mm, bigger drawer panel height: 120mm, inner size: 424*375*110mm, equipped with 3*3 drawer dividers,

5. Applied for 22’’ LCD, proposal load 10kg

R-LT13 Wireless Nursing computer Trolley

    Lepu Medical Covid-19 AntiBody test Leaflet
    Lepu Medical Covid-19 AntiBody test Instructions
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