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The BT-S500 ventilator is an electrically controlled pneumatic ventilator integrating such functions as time, volume cycling, pressure limit, etc. It is mainly intended for providing ventilation support to a critically ill patient during the life threatening phase and ensuring the going-through of the dangerous period by the patient and smooth treatment of primary diseases for recovery. Also it provides an alternation in case of irreversible lesions in respiratory muscles or irreversible damage to upper airway to maintain the respiratory function of the patient, and also provides ventilation assistance for the patient during the recovery from a disease or operation.

BR-MV10 medical ventilator


    Physical specifications


    LED Display


    pneumatically powered and electrically controlled system


    Fitted with 4 nos anti-static rubber castors; two of which are lockable for braking and easy maneuverability with foot operated brake provisions

    Technical Specifications:

    Gas requirement:

    Medical oxygen with a pressure ranging from 280~600kpa

    safety valve

    <12.5 kPa

    Respiratory Rate

    6~60 times/ min

    Oxygen concentration output


    minute volume


    modes of ventilation



    0.1 ~ 1.0 kPa


    -4 ~ 10 hPa

    IMV frequency:

    1~12 bpm

    I/E Ratio:

    1:1.5; 1:2.0; 1:2.5; 1:3.0

    Tidal Volume


    Inspiratory Plateau:


    Maximum Safety Pressure

    ≤ 6.0kPa


    one deep breath per 80 controlled respirations, the inspiration time is 1.5 times of the setting point

    Pressure limit range:

    0 ~ 6.0 kPa

    Airway pressure alarm: Audible and visual and with yellow and red color indicating

    Lower: 0.9 kPa ~ 5.4 kPa; Upper: 0.5 kPa

    ±0.2 kPa

    Ventilation Volume alarm:

    ≥ 18L/ MIN

    Power Supply Alarm

    Ac/dc power supply are after failing to send out alarm immediately
    Alarm Time: keep >120s

    The airway pressure continues to be higher than 15 hPa ±1 hPa for 15s±1s, then the machine will raise an audible alarm, the pressure will be displayed in red and the continuous high pressure red alarm wording is displayed on the screen of the anesthetic respirator.

    Operating conditions

    Ambient temperature:

    10 ~ 40oC

    Relative humidity:

    no higher than 80 %

    Atmospheric pressure:

    860 hPa ~ 1060 hPa

    Power requirement:

    100-120 Vac, 50/60 Hz;

    Attention: the AC power supply used for the anesthesia machine must be well grounded.

    Attention: the anesthesia machine used must be equipped with a carbon dioxide monitor complying with ISO 9918:1993, an oxygen monitor complying with ISO 7767:1997 and an expiratory gas volume monitor complying with of Medical Electrical Equipment Part II: Special Requirements for Safety and Basic Performance of Anesthesia System.


    Ambient temperature:

    -15oC ~ +50oC

    Relative humidity:

    no higher than 95 %

    Atmospheric pressure:

    86 kPa ~ 106 kPa.


    It should be stored in a room without corrosive gas and well ventilated


    packaging box

    comply with the requirement of GB/T 15464


    Between the packaging box and product, soft material with appropriate thickness provided to prevent loosening and mutual friction during transportation


    Moisture protection and rain protection to ensure that product is protected from natural damage.

    Safty & Alarm

    Gas source pressure

    Immediate alarm; “high level alarm” indicator flickers raising an audible alarm.

    Airway Pressure Alarm

    The airway pressure exceeds 15hpa. The maximum delay is no longer than 17s. The “high level alarm” indicator flickers raising an audible alarm.

    Tidal Volume Alarm

    Lower than 50ml, The alarm will be raised after one breathing cycle.

    Ventilation Volume Alarm

    Lower: 0~12L/Min; Up: 18L/ Min

    Battery Voltage Alarm

    It alrms when the battery voltage is lower than 10.5V.

    Power On Self Test

    Self test before working, assure it's working normally.

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