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Treatment Mode:  HD ,HF-ONLINE, HDF-ONLINE,IUF, HP ,Plasma adsorption
Double-stage endotoxin filtration(HDF-ONLINE)
Dimensions(mm): 1460*490*715
Net weight: Aprox.85kg
Power supply: AC 100~240V ,47-63Hz
VP :-700~+800mmhg,Accuracy ±5mmhg
AP :-700~+800mmhg,Accuracy ±5mmhg
TMP :-700~+800mmhg,Accuracy ±5mmhg
Blood flow :0~700ml/Min,Accuracy:±10mL/min
Dialysate flow:0,100mL/min~1000mL/min,±5%
Dialysate temperature : 33℃~40℃,Accuracy±0.5℃
Dialysate Conductivity: 12.0 mS/cm~18.0mS/cm,Accuracy ±0.1mS/cm
Substitution Flow:0~650mL/min,Accurancy:±10mL/min
Substitution Flow Range:0~39L/h
Water Pressure range:0~8.0 bar
Water Temperature range:5~35℃
Heparin Pump flow:0~10mL/h
Rapid injection Rate :10~1800 mL/h
Heparin Syringe size:10mL. 20mL,30mL,50mL
Air Detector:detecting≧0.02ml bubbles or≧0.0003ml continuous tiny bubbles
Blood Detect:Optical test
Blood leak monitor: detecting blood leak≥0.35ml/min(HCT 32%)
Decalcifiction :Rinse,Citrate Sodium or Glacial Acetic Acid
Thermal Disinfection :Hot water or Citrate Sodium (>93℃)
Chemical Disinfection:Sodium hypochlorite or peracetic acid
Blood Pressure:0mmHg~300mmHg
To ensure measurement accuracy of blood pressure(adult):40mmHg~245mmHg

dialysis equipment

  • Adult Pulse Monitoring:30bpm~220bpm
    Monitoring Error:±3bpm or reading ±2%
    Well-designed user interface  LCD touch screen 
    multi-language system
    Back-up battery supply power 40 mins after eletricity off
    KT/V calculation evaluates the sufficiency of dialysis


    Optional Modules
    Blood pressure monitor
    Bicarbonate cartidge


Lepu Medical Covid-19 AntiBody test Leaflet
Lepu Medical Covid-19 AntiBody test Instructions
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