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Disposable Medical Protective Coveralls
1. Description
Disposable Protective Coveralls are critical items of protective clothing suitable
for medical clinics, hospital ward, inspection rooms, laboratories, ICU and CDC
sites for important isolation of virus damage.
At Medical Company, there is a wide selection of disposable
coveralls made of breathable, heavy duty polypropylene that will certainly
serve to protect medical staffs in situations where there are exposure


2. Advantages to wearing disposable coveralls
Completely Fluid Proof
The disposable coveralls are latex free and are completely fluid proof. So the
coveralls will serve to protect the wearer from contamination and hazardous
Anti-bacterial Rate Up to 99.9%
In the healthcare profession, disposable coveralls play a crucial role in asepsis
by reducing the transfer of bacteria from the skin of the medical staff to the air.
Besides, It will also protect staff members from blood, urine, saline, or other
chemicals and bodily fluids during surgical procedures.
Comfortable, Lightweight and Breathable


They are breathable allowing the wearer to be insulated and not overheat.
Easy Mobility
The disposable coveralls feature a full length zipper in the front,
elastic gathers in the back for a superior fit, and extra room in the
sleeves for easy mobility.
3. Specifications and Features
One piece of protective coveralls

Disposable Medical Protective Coveralls MSLSM02

  • Features
     Single use
    Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
     Double protection (Pasted with seamless strips plus velcro)
     Anti-fluid, Anti-microbe, Anti-bacteria, Anti-aerosol, Anti-static
     Durable
     Comfortable, Lightweight and Breathable
     Tear-resistant
     Flame retardant
    PP non-woven(30g)+ breathable film (30g)+ glue(3g)
     CE
     FDA
     ISO 13485
     EN-14126:2004
     GB19082-2009

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