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ICU Ventilation and Respiratory Monitoring

The Evita V300 is a scalable and versatile device that offers high ventilation quality. To meet and master the changing conditions and challenges of your everyday hospital work you need flexible equipment with versatile opportunities.

Evita V300 is an easily adjustable and versatile tool that offers high-quality ventilators. To overcome and master the changing conditions and challenges of this job, you just need a flexible tool with versatile quality.

Evita V300 ventilator provides ventilation options for demanding conditions and can be expanded with many other Dräger modes and applications. It can be integrated into an intensive care supply unit or used during intensive care transport. Also flexible in its application, the new Savina 300 with turbine drive can function independently of a central gas and power supply. The device supplies patients with a breathing gas flow of up to 250 l/min, even at high ventilation pressure. Because they are mobile, both ventilators support the seamless ventilation of intensive care patients during internal clinic transport.

Drager Evita V300

  • Versatile and scalable

    • Ventilation for adults, children, and neonates: invasive, non-invasive and with O2-therapy
    • Volume- or pressure-controlled ventilation, spontaneous breathing
    • Independence due to optional gas and power supply units: GS500 (compressed air), PS500 (power), TSU (gas)
    • Flexible workstation integration by attaching to supply unit or trolley
    • Individually adjustable configurations easily transferred via USB
    • Context-sensitive help function facilitates setting the ventilation parameters and explains device functions

    High ventilation quality I

    • ​Automatic tube compensation (ATC) compensates for artificial airway resistance
    • Automatic leak compensation with invasive and non-invasive ventilation
    • AutoFlow® in volume-controlled ventilation provides the tidal volume at the lowest possible pressure
    • PC-APRV with optional AutoRelease enables spontaneous breathing with continuous positive airway pressure and short-term pressure relief
    • Breathing deeply and freely thanks to AutoFlow®, Volume Guarantee (VG) or SPN-CPAP

    High ventilation quality II

    • ​Various spontaneous breathing support, e.g.: VC-MMV, SPN-PPS, Volume Support (VS), Pressure Support (PS)
    • Advanced analysis tools such as trends or CO2 monitoring
    • Automatic weaning with SmartCare®/PS
    • Graphical representation of breathing resistance and elasticity with Smart Pulmonary View

    The scope of functions offered by the Evita V300 is individually scalable with optional hardware and software components.


    • Mains power connection 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz

    Measured values displayed

    • Airway pressure measurement Plateau pressure Pplat Pos. end-exp. pressure PEEP
    • Peak inspiratory pressure PIP
    • Mean airway pressure Pmean
    • Min. airway pressure Pmin
    • Range –60 to 120 mbar (or hPa or cmH2O)

    Flow Measurement

    • Minute volume measurement MVe, MVi, MVemand, MVespon, MV Range 0 to 99 L/min BTPS
    • Tidal volume measurement VT, VTimand, VTemand, VTispon, Vtrap Range 0 to 5500 mL BTPS
    • Frequency measurement Breathing frequency RR
    • Spontaneous breathing frequency RRspon
    • Range 0/min to 300/min
    • O2 measurement (inspiratory side) Inspiratory O2 concentration FiO2 Range 18 to 100 Vol%
    • CO2 measurement in the main flow (adults and pediatric patients only) (optional)
    • End-expiratory CO2 concentration etCO2
    • Range 0 to 100 mmHg)

    “The Evita V300 is a customized intensive care ventilator that can meet the wide spectrum of clinical therapy requirements. Depending on what is required, the team of physicians can supplement it with ventilation modes, applications or screen displays,” explains Katrin Mett, Product Manager at Dräger. For example, SmartCare/PS provides an option for weaning patients from mechanical ventilation.

    The device automatically leads the patient back to completely independent breathing and can shorten the total duration of ventilation considerably. Transportation of intensive care patients between clinic departments continues to increase. For this reason, seamless intensive ventilation has gained significance because changing devices can lead to complications. The Evita V300 is equipped to be installed in a supply unit, mounted on a cart next to a patient’s bed or to be taken along when transporting the patient in the clinic.

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