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Main feature:
Extra low design 580mm min height,longitudinal movement 250mm,Horizonal rotation of tabletop 180°,with emergency power,suitable for x-ray and c-arm

Dimension of table top:
Overall Dimension of table: 2050*500*580-930mm
Dimension of section:
Head Section:250×500mm;Back Section:465×500mm;Waist Section:75×500mm;Seat section:550×500mm; Leg Section:600×240mm
Range of movements:
1)Reversed Trendelenburg≥20°rendelenburg≥15°
2)Lateral Til≥15°
3)Backward and Forward Movements≥250mm
4)Adjustment of sections:
5)Head Section Raised  from the horizontal:≥45°
6)Head Section lowered from the horizonal: ≥90°
7)Back Section Raised from the horizontal≥75°
8)Back Section Raised from the horizontal: ≥30°
9)Section Lowered from the horizontal:≥90°
10)Leg section opened:≥90°
11)Waist bridge  rise(When optional)≥80mm
12)Horizonal rotation of tabletop:0~180°
13)Lifting speed: 4~16mm/s
14)safe working load135kg
15)Device safety sortI     B
16)Ingress Protection:IPX4

18)Battery capacity is 14 AH  Battery capacity ≥ 2.4AH

Electric-hydraulic operating table

  • Structure

    1.The Electric operating table uses electro-hydraulic systems to control all the movements: height adjustment, trendelenburg and reversed trendelenburg, lateral tilt, back movements, forward and backward movement and brake. Head section, leg section and vertical rotation of tabletop are operated by manual operation.

    2.The table comprises of five sections: head section, back section, Waist SectionWhen optional), sitting section and leg section. The forward and backward movement and 180 °rotation of tabletop can make C-arm perspective quick and easy.

    3.Emergency power supply is Optional. Emergency power supply is made of lead-acid batteries, which can be automatically charged. Emergency power supply can start to work automatically when the power is off.

    4.The main material is stainless steel, high-intensity cast iron, aluminum, good solidity.

    5.The appearance of the stainless steel round cover and base is nice and elegant. The cover is dust-proof and water-proof. The table is stable and practical.

    6.Equipped with electric brakes,Easy to transport, transfer and clean.

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