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Main feature:
Height adjustable range 450mm for c-arm, longitudinal movement 530mm, with emergency power, build-in waist bridge, table V position 100°, anti-V position 220°, two control panels,suitable for x-ray and c-arm

Overall Dimension of table:2100mm*500mm*(700-1150)(L*W*H)
Dimension of section:
1)Head Section:250×500mm
2)Back Section:465×500mm
3)Kidney Bridge:75×500mm
4)Seat section:630×500mm
5)Leg Section:600×240mm
Range of movements:
1)Reversed Trendelenburg:≥30°
3)Lateral Tilt:≥25°
4)Backward and Forward Movements:≥530mm
5)Head Section Raised and lowered from the horizontal:≥45°, ≥90°
6)Back Section Raised and Lowered from the horizontal:≥75°, ≥30°
7)Leg Section Lowered from the horizontal:≥90°
8)Leg section opened:≥90°
9)Kidney Bridge Elevated (When optional):≥80mm
10)Level reset zero (When optional):±2°
11)Lifting speed:4~16mm/s
12)safe working load:150kg
13)Device safety sort:  Ⅰ   B
14)Ingress Protection:IPX4
16)Internal electric source:(DC)24V

17)Battery capacity ≥ 2.4AH

Electric-hydraulic operating table

  • Structure

    1.The Electric operating table uses electro-hydraulic systems to control all the movements: height adjustment, trendelenburg and reversed trendelenburg, lateral tilt, back movements, forward and backward movement , kidney bridge elevating ,V style and Anti-V, brake. Head section, leg section and vertical rotation of tabletop are operated by manual operation.

    2.The table comprises of five sections: head section, back section, Waist SectionWhen optional), sitting section and leg section. The forward and backward movement of tabletop can make C-arm perspective quick and easy.

    3.The reset function and emergency power supply is Optional. Emergency power supply is made of lead-acid batteries, which can be automatically charged. Emergency power supply can start to work automatically when the power is off.

    4. The main material is stainless steel, high-intensity cast iron, aluminum, good solidity.

    5. Electric operating table mattresses are produced by the high-density sponge covered leatherette materials or overall bubble forming.

    6. The appearance of the stainless steel round cover and base is nice and elegant. The cover is dust-proof and water-proof. The table is stable and practical.

    7. Electric operating table equipped with electric brakes, electro-hydraulic brake cylinder to achieve bed. Four legs have self-compensation function, height can be adjusted automatically to eliminate the impact of uneven floors. At the same time with the emergency manual release feature.

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