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emergency transport ventilator
Pneumatically driven pneumatically controlled
A/C mode with pressure trigger
High/low pressure alarm
Oxygen concentration adjustable
Adult/pediatric parameter in different color, easy to operate Simple hose connecting, time saving
Compact and portable design
Used in emergency department, emergency station, country hospital, clinic and patients’ inter-departmental transfer

Emergency transport ventilator S510

  • Immidiate

  • Specification


    Modes of Ventilation

    Assist/Control (A/C)


    Suction function



    MV : 3~20 L/min (used in 60%)

     3~14L/min (used in 100%)

    Respiratory rate:10~60bpm

    I:E ratio:1:2

    FiO2: 60%,100%

    Trigger sensitivity: Pressure, -3cmH2O



    Pressure values: Paw 

    Alarm: Paw high, Paw low, O2 supply down 


    Technical data

    Gas supply:O2, 0.25~0.6MPa

    Maximum security pressure: 8kPa

    Compliance: 4mL/100Pa

    Noise: 65dB(A)

    Dimensions (H×W×D) :377×110×142mm

    Weight: 2.4kg


    Environment requirement




    -20°C~55°C (Storage)

      Relative humidity:

    5%~95%, non-condensing (Operation)


    ≤93 %( Storage)

      Atmospheric pressure:



    50~110kPa (Storage)

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