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The logical path to Lung Protection

CARESCAPE R860 is An intuitive ICU ventilator that offers a comprehensive solution for Lung Protection plan by simplifying the use of exceptional advanced tools to assess patient’s lung volume, check possible recruitability and titrate the proper PEEP.

Carescape r860 is the newest GE Healthcare Critical Care ventilator made to improve ease of use using a new generation of clinical excellence in Lung Protection.

The GE CARESCAPE R860 is the end result of a study that covered extensive literature review, adjacent industry programs and cooperation of intensive care experts. Clinician feedback emphasized the need to simplify ventilator-user interaction so as to ensure ventilation.

With the GE CARESCAPE R860, validated to treat the most vulnerable patients, particular color-coding distinguishes this NICU choice from other ventilators at a fleet. Specialized ventilation systems are included that help transition neonatal patients. Modes like Volume Support can help stop intubation and aid support nCPAP and spontaneous breathing, which stimulates the baby to breathe. Diagnostic treatment capabilities can be expanded, by tailoring ventilation to function the needs of neonates. 510(k) pending at the U.S. FDA and not available for sale in the U.S.

GE CARESCAPE R860 Specifications

Physical Specifications

  • Height: 48.85 cm/19.2 in (Display down); 73.8 cm/29.1 in (Display up)
  • Height including cart: 126.82 cm/49.9 in (Display down); 151.77 cm/59.8 in (Display up)
  • Width: 38 cm/15 in Depth: 36 cm/14 in
  • Weight: 38 cm/15 in Depth: 36 cm/14 in
  • Display motion Vertical tilt: 162.1° in raised position; 47.6° in lowered position
  • Height adjustment: 24.95 cm/9.8 in

Ventilation Modes

  • A/C VC (Volume Control)
  • A/C PC (Pressure Control)
  • A/C PRVC (Pressure Regulated Volume Control)
  • SIMV VC (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation, Volume Control)
  • SIMV PC (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation, Pressure Control)
  • CPAP/PS (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure/ Pressure Support)
  • SBT (Spontaneous Breathing Trial)
  • APRV* (Airway Pressure Release Ventilation)
  • BiLevel* (BiLevel Airway Pressure Ventilation)
  • BiLevel VG* (BiLevel with Volume Guarantee)
  • SIMV PRVC* (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation, Pressure Regulated Volume Control)
  • VS* (Volume Support)
  • NIV* (Non-invasive Ventilation

GE Healthcare Carescape R860 ICU Respirator

  • Menu-free navigation.

    The user interface on the CARESCAPE R860 represents a leap forward in our touchscreen technology. Intuitively organized and easily accessible, relevant clinical content and therapy controls are not buried in menus, they are at your fingertips.

    Keep your focus where needed.

    Interactive touchscreen slider controls of the master timeline in trend views reveal event-centric historical data that lets you take a snapshot into the past. This allows for a deep dive to compare settings, measured values and alarms within a specific period of time. We’ve also made alarm management easier to manage by centralizing alarm functions and making patient alarm history easy to find with a single touch.

    Tailored care.

    Through useful data to support clinical decisions and convenient workspaces that can be customized for each patient, you can confidently provide tailored therapy with a touch of brilliance.



    • Alarm light
    • 15” Touch display
    • Integrated keypad & trim knob
    • Optional airway module bay (mounted either side)
    • Inspiratory safety guard
    • Ventilator lock
    • Dovetail to support adjustable mounting
    • Rail (on both sides)
    • Locking casters (all wheels lock)
    • 32% Faster exam time
    • 44% Keystroke reduction
    • Windows 7 Operating System
  • Within 14 days of receiving Payment / order 

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