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Please note that this will be available by early May 2020.


JSP - FMP3 FilterSpec Combination Respiratory Mask & Safety Spectacles Kit Complete with 3 Valved FMP3 Fine Particle Filters - Black Frame and Clear Lens - EN166 EN1827 - [JS-ASG134-121-100] - (NS-06-MAY)


Worn together, safety eyewear and respirators often reduce each others effectiveness because eyewear frames compromise the seal of the respirator and lead to lens misting and reduced respiratory protection. FilterSpec® combines both protective devices into an integrated unit, allowing them to work harmoniously to provide optimum wearer comfort and protection.


    • Fully Adjustable: Fully adjustable spectacle frame for maximum comfort and security
    • Optimal Curve: Optimal lens curve of 6.5 offers large coverage and great visibility
    • Anti Mist, Anti scratch: Anti-mist and anti-scratch coating as standard on all lenses
    • Lightweight & Economic: Lightweight re-usable filter holder element for an economic PPE solution
    • Valved Respirator Filter: Exhale valve is fitted to reduce heat & CO2 build-up for greater comfort
    • Rock Filter: 3 Layer fine particle filter for exceptional performance
    • Perfect Fit: Soft inner face seal with adjustable braided headband for perfect fit. Eyewear fixed to respirator to create an optimum seal to reduce dust & to aid anti-mist, with less heat & less moisture.
  • Spectacle:

    • Stylish spectacle element design
    • Fully adjustable spectacle frame for maximum comfort and security
    • 6.5 base, one-piece lens offers optimal coverage
    • Anti-mist coating on lens as standard
    • Anti-scratch coating on lens as standard
    • Black frame with clear lens
    • Spectacle conforms to: EN166.1.F.T

    Respirator Filter:

    • The respirators have been developed for particular working environments, integrating features like activated carbon layer offering relief from nuisance odours below TLV (Threshold Limit Value, the work place exposure limit. This new concept in eye and respiratory protection, developed by JSP, solves the problem of incompatible safety spectacles and disposable respirator
    • Disposable filter respirator element for optimum protection
    • Low breathing resistance valve reduces moisture and CO build up
    • Padded for extra comfort over prolonged use
    • Moulds to face shape for excellent seal.
    • Conforms to: EN1827:1999 + A1:2009.
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