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Black Range




Our products and processes are developed under strict quality parameters, ensuring maximum protection for each of our users. Proof of this are the many certifications obtained by the company, which serve as a guarantee for everything we do.


ISO 9001

We have the certification of this international standard that is responsible for reviewing, monitoring and establishing improvement plans for all the elements concerning the administrative part of an organization, and thus certify that all these processes are carried out in order to guarantee the quality of products or services.



ISO 14001

Specifies the most important requirements to identify, control and monitor the eco-environmental aspects of the brand, and how to manage and improve the whole system.



BASC Certification

Our company is part of an international alliance of companies, governments and international control agencies that seeks to develop a secure international trade, through the implementation of a management and control system, which seeks that the products are not contaminated with foreign substances or used for illegal purposes, ensuring healthy business practices.



NIJ Certification

Thanks to its high performance in ballistic tests, we have eight certifications granted by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice). This agency of the United States Department of Justice developed the verification system for ballistic protection products, which ensures that the user has the highest level of protection, and that is the most stringent worldwide reference in the control and certification quality standards of personal protection products



Our garments are designed and produced in order to meet the specific needs of each of our users, creating customized solutions that fit perfectly with the needs and lifestyles of each individual. This in order to become the ideal partner for all those who regardless of their occupation and/or specific risk, require specialized personal protection solutions.



We understand that it can always be better, so we constantly research in order to find specialized personal protection solutions that fit perfectly today`s situations and riks.



we care about developing constant research in search of the best materials for each of our products, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for our users. This is why today our products have a lot of advantages and features that make them the perfect solution when thinking about a piece of specialized personal protection.

Light weight Bullet Proof Vest
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