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Hospital Urination system for healthcare center disability patient nursing used medical bed with automatic toilet

Linear manipulator
central control castor
suction and suction hose
Intelligent cleaning care host
Anti-collision wheel

Automatic discharge processig system,
disinfection of patients in bed after the patient excrets,
sensor can perceive automatically,
the excrement is messerated ,
and then the nozzles sprays clean water to clean patients 

.Dryer device at nozzies below out warm brezze to dry patient hip and private parts,

it can keep patient clean and dry,and solve excrement problem easily,at the same time,the design of deodorization and noise mutting effect, effectively improve environment for patients in bed

RM06-ICU Electric Hospital Bed with electric Toilet facility

  • In bed Plate




    Control type

    Electric control

    Function 1

    Overall lifting 400-750mm

    Function 2

    back plate 40°±2°

    Function 3

    leg plate 13°±2°

    Function 4

    Trendelengurg angle 17°±2°

    Function 5

    Reverse trendelengurg angle 25°±2°

    Function 6

    lateral tilt 12°±2°

Lepu Medical Covid-19 AntiBody test Leaflet
Lepu Medical Covid-19 AntiBody test Instructions
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