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Size : 15X10X10 cm

Single gross weight: 0.039 kg

Package Type:

Frame cabinetL: 1000 pairs/carton
Lens cabinet :1000 pairs/carton
color box: 500pcs/carton



        PC frame, PET shield


    Used in laboratories, hospital,chemical plants, domestic and public places, etc.


1. Double-sided anti-fog
2. Anti-dizziness
3. Safe and light, easy to carry
4. High temperature resistance, impact resistance
PRECAUTIONS: Before use, please remove the transparent protective film on both sides of the lens.Don't wipe directly.


Frame :78cm*32cm*42cm/carton, 1000 pairs/carton, 18.5KG/carton

Lens :52cm*22cm*17cm/carton, 1000 pairs/carton, 17KG/carton 

Color box: 500pcs/carton,45*33*17cm/carton,10kg/carton

Protective FaceShield

  • dispatched within 7/10 working days 

Lepu Medical Covid-19 AntiBody test Leaflet
Lepu Medical Covid-19 AntiBody test Instructions
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