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Sugar IC45

Sugar IC45


Refine Icumsa 45

Setting the standard which other types of sugar are measured against, ICUMSA 45 sugar is the world’s leading consumer sugar. A highly refined sugar product, it is easily recognizable by its distinctive sparkling white color and pure sucrose taste. ICUMSA 45 is perpetually in high demand as it is the safest form of sugar, due to the fact that the refining process by which it is created removes the bacteria and contaminants often present in raw sugars which can pose a threat to human health.

Specification Sugar


Colour Max                45  ICUMSA

Polarization Min        99.80  Degrees

Moisture Max             0.08  Percent

Packing                       1,50  Kilogram


Packing : 25 , 50 Kg

White Icumsa 100

ICUMSA 100 sugar is refined sugar of a lower grade and lower cost than ICUMSA 45. A light white color, it does not posses the visual appeal of sparkling white ICUMSA 45, however ICUMSA 100 is nevertheless food grade sugar and safe for human consumption.

Specification Sugar


Colour Max                 80  ICUMSA

Polarization Min         99.80  Degrees

Moisture Max              0.08  Percent


Packing : 25 , 50 Kg

Brown Sugar

Raw sugar is the residue left after sugarcane has been processed to remove molasses and refine the sugar crystals. With flavor similar to brown sugar, it should not be confused with brown sugar. Raw sugar contains molds and fibers which are considered nutrients, however, to be sold in the US raw sugar has been refined losing some of these properties. There are three popular types: Demerara sugar, a coarse-textured, dry, raw sugar from the Demerara area of Guyana; Turbinado sugar, a fine-textured moist raw sugar; and Barbados sugar, a raw sugar that has been steam cleaned.



Packing : 25 , 50 Kg

Coarse Grain Sugar

A pure, white everyday household sugar with larger crystals to retain the concentrated sweetness. Ideal for everyday use to enhance your cooking and baking, particularly for use in the preparation of cookies and biscuits


Packing : 25 , 50 Kg